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When Everything Collapses                                                                                                                         Plant Your Field Of Dreams
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URBAN ROOTS is the next documentary from Tree Media. Produced by Leila Conners (The 11th Hour) and Mathew Schmid and directed by Mark MacInnis, the film follows the urban farming phenomenon in Detroit. Urban Roots is a timely, moving and inspiring film that speaks to a nation grappling with collapsed industrial towns and the need to forge a sustainable and prosperous future.


DVD includes

Urban Roots 90mins

Bonus Features:

How to Start your own Farm/Garden

Food Sustainability Bill of Rights

Urban Roots Tote Bag & More
available now, along with mugs, a thermos to bring lunch to school or work, and other stuff. 20% of proceeds goes to The Food Chain Workers Alliance.

Buy the Urban Roots Film and we will donate 35% or $7 of the total price of the DVD to The Food Chain Workers Alliance. This donation will further help the  Alliance organizing to improve wages and working conditions for all workers along the food chain. The Alliance also works together to build a more sustainable food system that respects workers’ rights, based on the principles of social, environmental and racial justice, in which everyone has access to healthy and affordable food.

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